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The Doberman Group

The Doberman Group is a team of highly qualified professionals in the fields of Internet marketing, sales, and creation of public opinion. We have the necessary resources and skills to successfully implement even the most complex project.

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I started my online shop knowing that promoting it would be difficult. There are plenty of online shops out there, and plenty of them do excellent promotion. Some of them even use promotional teams. Doberman Group not only successfully put forth the reasons my shop was unique, they also helped increase my sales by a margin I did not think was possible. With the influx of websites such as Amazon and Ebay, it is difficult for small-business owners such as myself to generate enough income. There is a lot of competition, so successful and eye-catching promotion is crucial.

Doberman Group did this and more, making sure that my online shop was up to date and that everything ran smoothly before promoting it through social media and various online venues. I definitely would recommend Doberman Group!

— Venu Madhav, online-shop owner, London

We came to Doberman Group with the impression it was going to be a battle to get what we wanted and needed for our organization’s website. In the past, we have worked with very difficult companies that wanted payment for sloppy work, extra time for no good reason, and a variety of other frustrating demands. However, Doberman Group really stepped up to the plate. They worked with us every step of the way, making sure we were pleased with the final result and thanking us for doing business with them.

Their promotion of our corporate website has increased traffic exponentially!

— Tim Almond, business development manager, Los Angeles

Standing out from the crowd of fast-food chains can prove to be challenging. Doberman Group has made this possible. When my fast-food restaurant started out in a big city with many competitors, we all were very nervous that we were going to have problems. Thanks to Doberman Group and their incredible promotion services, business is booming! Once we started working with Doberman Group, we were able to get enough business and add restaurants to our chain. Fast-food is a competitive business since there are so many options. So trying to survive in that world can be challenging.

I just want to say thank you so much, Doberman Group!

— Larry Nung, fast-food chain owner, New York

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We make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction. We accept almost all types of payment, and you can always discuss with us a payment method that is convenient for you!

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